Aarhus Film Workshop supports the development of new film talent and professional film experiments. We support within genres of fiction, documentary, series and new forms of storytelling - both long and short formats.

Our support consists of consulting, film equipment, production and post production facilities, and financial aid.

It is not possible to apply to more than one film workshop in Denmark at a time. If you - for instance - simultaneously apply for Odense's support as well as Aarhus', you will be asked to withdraw your application from one of the workshops.

You can apply for financial support of up to 20.000DKK can be applied for through the production support.

To apply for more than 10.000,- you need a CVR-number. Either through your own company or by co-producing with an existing film company. The financial aid will be paid in two installments. First installment of 85 % will be paid at the start of production .

The second installment of 15 % will be paid at the approval of the budget, and screening of the film before final cut.

It is a condition for receiving  support from Aarhus Film Workshop that the production must commence no later than one year after the support has been granted.  Otherwise the support will be withdrawn unless an alternative written agreement has been made with Aarhus Film Workshop.

The payment of the last installment of 15% of the productionsupport will expire one year after the productionagreement has been signed, if the film has not been formally concluded (reviewed and filed at AFW)  unless an alternative written agreement has been made with Aarhus Film Workshop.

If you wish to apply for support to your film you have to fill out an application form and attach a budget.

The next application deadline is February the 7th, 2022 at 12.00am.

Read about our different types of support below:

Quick support

Quick support is an offer to productions, which are already financed but in need of a cable, a lamp, a stand, or some other type of urgent equipment. 

Quick Support could for example support film and art school assignments or film projects associated with cultural institutions in and around Aarhus.

The equipment can be borrowed for no more than four days and may not be used outside Denmark. Application earliest one week on forhand. Quick support does not include financial aid, or loan of van. Examples of equipment issued in Quick Support:

• Dolly

• Tripod

• Bounce board

• Microphone

• Lamps

Equipment can be picked up or delivered weekdays between 10:00 and 15:00

Applications will be processed every Wednesday, except holidays. No applications are processed in July.

You'll find the application form here.


The support for scriptdevelopment amounting to 5000,- Danish crowns can be granted to filmprojects, that aim to supply for the productionsupport – but which are not quite ready for production yet.

The support is reserved for hiring a scriptwriter/consultant chosen by the applicant (in some cases pointed out by Aarhus Filmworkshop). It is up to the applicant to settle an agreement with the scriptwriter as to how and when the consultancy will take place. The support can be disbursed, as soon as Aarhus Filmworkshop has approved the contract between applicant and consultant – after a possible grant has been given via the general application procedure.

You'll find the application form here.

Production support

The purpose of this support scheme is to support talent developing film productions and professional film experiments. We support film production within all known genres and formats; fiction, documentary, web-series, crossmedia, series, and shorts and feature films. 

Exceptionally, we also support music video productions if the application includes a particular artistic ambition. To receive support it is decisive that the project has artistic quality; this means that the project has a certain artistic level and/or it has the ambition to meet an audience. Supported film productions may take place in any country - however either the director or the producer has to be a Danish citizen.

Aarhus Filmworkshop supports filmtalents from all over Denmark, but with regards to the cash support, we pay special attention as to what extent the filmproject includes a potential to develop filmtalents that are based in Jutland and Western Denmark.

The practical:

Aarhus Film Workshop has four annual application rounds, which can be entered by filling out the digital application form on this site. The application rounds are in February, May, August, and November. The applications will be treated by an external consultant in cooperation with the management of Aarhus Film Workshop, and the final decision for or against support will be made by the consultant. Each application round has a new consultant, so annually the workshop has four different associated consultants.

The application process takes up to five weeks and works as follows:

Week 1. Application.
Application deadline.
Registration and read through of applications.
Week 2. First treatment round.
Shortlist of projects qualifying for the next round. Rejected applicants will be notified by email.
Week 3. Second treatment round.
Qualifying applicants meet with AFW's consultant for an obligatory development interview. The interview may last up to 45 minutes - and the applicant should expect to be given an assignment, which is to be completed within 7 days.
Additionally, AFW's technical coordinator may contact the applicant to clarify the production scope of the project.
Week 4. Decision.
AFW's consultant receives all the completed assignments and makes the final decision regarding support of grants.
Week 5.
All applicants will receive a written justified support or rejection by email.

Next application deadline is February the 7th, 2022 at 12.00am.

Find the application form here.

Additional Support


If you are applying for additional support, it is a condition that you have already received production suppport from one of the filmworkshops in Viborg, Odense or Copenhagen. The manager at the workshop of the initial application needs to recommend your filmproject to Aarhus Filmworkshop, before we can consider giving the additional support.

Applications are processed within 7 days.

Apply here.

VFX Support

The VFX support is new initiative at the film workshops, which makes it possible to incorporate visual effects in your post-production. Therefore, Aarhus Film Workshop has hired a trainee, whose purpose is to guide, execute and deal with the wished effects to be realized.

You can apply for VFX support before you have been granted production support. Here we can help you with making a so called VFX-Breakdown, in order for the effects to be described visually and technically – and a budget will be calculated. You can also apply for support for a VFX-Breakdown after you have been granted productions support. The support is a maximum of 5.000 DKK for consultant(s) and admittance to the workshop's VFX-facilities, trainee and limited access to gear for tests.

Support for VFX Breakdown can be applied for continuosly. If you plan on applying the Film Workshop for production Support for a project with visual effects, you can get support for making a WFX-Breakdown - a description of the effects, and what it demands to produce them.

Links to application form and support conditions.

Furthermore, you can also apply for support for a VFX-production based on a VFX-breakdown. The support is the same, however you can apply for the budget, which has been developed in relation to the VFX-Breakdown. Here you can apply for support to VFX production afterdrafting the VFX Breakdown.

The clearer you are able to convey your intention and visual vision, the more probability there is for you to be granted the support.

We are looking forward to receiving qualified applications from dedicated people with visual ambitions, who are on the journey to an amazing end product!