Production camp in Lofoten, Norway for directors, producers and editors. 

Lofoten Docs is a production camp aimed at young filmmakers from 18-30 years, who wants to explore the production of short documentary films. The camp is for directors, producers or editors with experience in short film production. (It is preferable that you have a driver's license, but it's not a must).

The camp will take place from July 5th  to 19th 2018. The participants will come from different places in Europe. You will be divided into four groups, with three participants in each group. Together, you will produce 4 finished short documentary films, from idea to finished movie in 14 days. The particiants will be mentored and followed by professional workshop leaders and filmmakers.

The camp takes place in Lofoten, Norway, well above the arctic circle, when the midnight sun gives this part of the world it's unique 24-hours daylight. The area is otherwise sparsely populated, with small fishing villages. You will be encouraged to explore the social environment in Lofoten from this perspective of "change", and find stories that resonate in thematic examples such as history vs present/future, young vs old, local vs global. To explore the bonds between humans and the environment (social and natural), to discover what keeps them in a place, or makes them want to leave.

Time schedule of the camp:
05.07.18: Arrival at Kabelvåg (Stay at Lofoten Hostel Kabelvåg)
06.07.18 - 09.07.18: Workshop, research, idea development and an open seminar.
10.07.18 - 13.07.18: Research and production
14.07.18 - 17.07.18: editing
18.07.18 - 19.07.18: Wrap-up and departure

The first 4 days will include inspiration, discussion, research and idea development, where you will get to know the area and each other better. We will also encourage you to research on Lofoten and the area in advance.

Workshop leaders:
Hans Eirik Voktor will be the workshop leader for the first week, he is here for daily follow-ups and discussion groups. Voktor works as a teacher at the University of Stavanger, where he teaches in storytelling, documentary and television production.
The editing workshop will be led by Anniken Hoel. Hoel is a Norwegian author, director and photographer. She has worked with short and documentary films in the Middle East, India, USA and Europe. She normally works in Berlin and Tromsø, where she runs her production company Manifesto film.

For further information, please contact Siri Frederiksen: