Suvi Andrea Helminen is comissioning editor in 1st quarter

Suvi Andrea Helminen is the comissioning editor for the 1st quarter of 2020 on February 24th, 12 o'clock at Aarhus Film Workshop.

Attention please: If you enter the first selection round you will be asked to participate in a development meeting  on March the 9th in the time frame 10-18 o'clock.

Suvi Andrea Helminen is a documentary director, educated from The Danish Film School. Beyond working as a documentary director, she has experience from the film and TV industry as an interactive concept developer, editor, VJ, TV planner and lecturer. 

Since 2011 she has, besides directing traditional documentary films, specialized in cross media projects and interactive films in the intersection between documentary and games. In 2013-15 she had a fellowship at ‘MIT Open Documentary Lab’ in Cambridge, Massachusetts – a department that conducts research in how new technology can interact with filmic storytelling.

Latest she directed the interactive documentary 'Flux', which is played on a tablet and at the moment is the center of an exhibition of the same name at the Women's Museum in Aarhus.

Suvi also has several years of experience with talent development. Recently, she has been the comissioning editor at Copenhagen Film Workshop for a period of 1½ years. Furthermore, before that, over a 6 year period, she was a project leader and lecturer in the film department at C:NTACT at the Edison Theatre in Copenhagen. Here she created several film projects with young people from different social backgrounds, - youth clubs, ghettos, women's networks and the like.

“I'm looking forward to reading the stories of the Western Danish film talents. When I process the applications, I want to focus on how the project is an extension of the director's earlier works - meaning where you have been, and how you wish to develop your talent. Furthermore, I want to encourage to think outside the box, in regards to the film's future meeting with the audience."

You can read more about Aarhus Film Workshop's support schemes - and apply for production support here.

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