Galway Stories


A film production camp in Ireland for documentary directors, producers and editors. 

Are you a producer, director or editor and would you like to make a documentary in Galway, Ireland?

This autumn we invite 4 directors, 4 producers and 4 editors from France, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Germany and Denmark to make documentaries in Ireland.

Transportation and accommodation will be covered by Screen Talent Europe. The participants will also receive an amount of money for food and beverages.

In the beginning of the camp there will be a three-day workshop held by Torben Simonsen from The National Film School of Denmark.

The artistic and commercial rights will be own by and shared by the directors and producers. Screen Talent Europe will hold rights for non-commercial screenings.

Directors will participate from 3rd of October to 23th of October.

Producers will participate from 3rd of October to 17nd of October.

Editors will participate from 10th of October to 23th of October.

Application requirements

  • The applicants must be below the age of 35
  • The directors must previously have made at least two documentaries
  • The application must to be in English

To participate please apply here

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