Screen Talent Europe is a network of film workshops and media centers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Germany, The Netherlands, Greenland, France and Ireland. The overall objective is to provide Nordic film talent with a transnational cooperation network, where they can apply for support, exchange ideas and get help to co-produce in other countries.

Around 250 European films are yearly produced through international co-productions. They represent 40% of all films produced in Europe.

If Northern European talent is to keep up with this development, they must be able to create an international network for themselves, as early as possible in their career.

Screen Talent Europe will give the talent a co-production platform where they can get in touch with other filmmakers and talent from the participating countries. The participating organisations will assist with access to equipment, facilities, financial aid and advice, which will make it easier for talent to produce film across national borders.

Screen Talent Europe will also arrange pitching forums, talent camps and other networking events where talent can get in touch, both socially and professionally.

The network will work towards strengthening the workshop model for support based talent development, and help develop other countries in Europe who do not have film workshops, to create and develop film workshops or film labs.

The success criterion is that Screen Talent Europe becomes an evolving network, where the participating organisations create talent development projects together, disseminates knowledge and experience on talent development, creates a platform for cross-cultural talent projects and help young filmmakers to co-produce across borders.

Visit Screen Talent Europe's website here.